So it dawned on my exactly two days ago as I was sitting on my couch with X Box controller in hand that I had no life. This of course being about the tenth time this semester that I have had this same revelation. But on the particular Wednesday I actually found cause to one of the thousands of reasons why I have no life. I try to live my life through the various X Box games I own.

Over the last few months whenever I got the urge to go out and play some baseball, instead of grabbing my glove and a partner I would just pop in my MLB 2K7 game and have a big ol time while never leaving my couch. The same has recently applied to basketball.

I could have never reached this apiphany (I think I used that right) if it were not for me purchasing the Cabela’s Trophy Bucks game. Reece and I destroyed each and every one of the 96 levels within a two day span. Apparently we love to hunt. On our couch of course. Apparently I have reduced all outside activities to a simple popping in of an X Box game.

So what will I do to change this you might ask? Well to be honest absolutely nothing. I am actually probably going to buy the fishing game tomorrow that I saw while buying the hunting game…

Ross the big couch Hoss




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2 responses to “Cabella

  1. Jake

    Its much too cold to be playing outside anyways. or at least thats my excuse

  2. Schmoffly

    Ross… does this picture remind you of a time from your earlier childhood?

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