Man Alive

As many of you already know I spend lots of my time earning cash as the shifts manager at Flag World. And just like the rest of the working world there are days where it takes every ounce of will power in my body to get in my car and drive downtown, spend thirty minutes parking, and walk into the beautiful place I call “The Shop.”

Once I am here however, it is a lot like Church. Although I originally would have liked to have snoozed for another hour, or strap my robe on and put in a movie I find that once I am here, it is the place I need to be.

I fight the mean streets of Nashville, and the mean highways of my mind, and continue to show up for work for one reason and one reason only. I do it for the people. I am a servant to the people who strap on their fanny packs, purchase way expensive cowboy hats complete with matching boots and belt buckle, and wonder into my store looking to blow some cash for happiness.

There is nothing in this world that can compare to the look of a kid who is entering Flag World for the first time. Just the look of pure excitement and pleasure is almost enough to cause me to break down with tears each and every time it happens (which is quite frequently). The look of a teenage girl who finds that somebody in this world cares enough to put her name on a little blue Nashville license plate for her bicycle. The smile that appears on the face of a forty year old bearded man when he realizes that for ten bucks he can fly his confederate flag proudly in the bed of his truck and due to our high quality flags not have to worry about it ripping, and henceforth disrespecting the South forever. The look of a single mother when she realizes she can afford a shot glass downtown contrary to everything she was told by the older toothless lady down at Cotton Eyed Joes. The look in the eyes of a foreigner when they notice that only one of the flag stickers from their country is left, giving them hope that somebody in America cares. The satisfaction in the voices of the out of town girls, who drove from Denver to see Carrie Underwood in concert, when they thank me for agreeing to go salsa dancing with them at midnight………

Yes. The satisfaction I receive from my job is well worth my time here. I know I am making a difference. I encourage you you to find a job that allows you to serve people. The internal rewards are great. I can guarantee that your appetite will increase, you will sleep better and wake up more refreshed, you will find yourself talking to complete strangers and enjoying it, you will take more trips out to the country just to enjoy the smells, and the list goes on and on. So get out there and make some cash while making a difference and forever watch your life transform for the better.

-Ross I feel good Hoss



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6 responses to “Man Alive

  1. schmoffly

    This positive attitude is startling to say the least. UNLESS, of course, you are being really sarcastic. For example, when you said,

    “The look of a single mother when she realizes she can afford a shot glass downtown contrary to everything she was told by the older toothless lady down at Cotton Eyed Joes.”

    I know you completely made this up. It never happened. Look me in the eye and tell me I am wrong and I may believe you, but probably not.

  2. rosshoss

    my literary genius is completely wasted on you.

  3. Schmoffly

    Literary genius or rampant lies? I don’t know, RossHoss…

  4. Schmoffly

    …rampant *liar*

  5. Donna Moffitt

    What is salsa dancing?

  6. david brought back a huge confederate flag from nashville. i wonder if he bought it from you…

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