Pardon the cheesiness but this stuff makes me happy.

On Friday night I made the trek out to the beautiful Hendersonville, TN in order to watch the new Clint Eastwood flick, Gran Torino. Excellent movie but I am not here to give a movie review….

Despite all of my preconceived notions about what genre the movie would fall under the movie, surprisingly, was more of a comedy than anything. I think everyone in the theater was caught off guard. But as I sat in our sold out theater room I began to notice something beautiful. At times in the movie the entire theater would erupt in laughter. I looked around at the old white man behind me, the black guy three rows down, the Mexican a few rows over, the young couple, the seemingly poor family, and it hit me. Laughter is capable of bringing anybody together. Laughter does not distinguish between races, or social class. It has the ability to grab hold of ALL of us and for that second in time distract our minds and thoughts from all the hate, bigotry, worry, struggle, and all the other negative thoughts that are so capable of taking over our minds.

We all need more laughter in our life. I encourage you, and myself, to go out and find what makes you laugh. Whether it be an old Archie Bunker comic or a good Steve Martin movie. Let us all take over the world with our laughter.

Ross is laughing Hoss

On a completely unrelated note the Preachers microphone went out this morning and there was something beautiful about watching and hearing him yell out the words of Jesus to such a large room. If I ever started a church I would probably leave the technology at the door. NOW WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!



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2 responses to “

  1. Schmoffly

    Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk I laughed till I cried at my desk hyuk hyuk hyuk

  2. Donna Moffitt

    Oh Rossie, you made me and your dad laugh watching this.:-)

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