To all you RossHoss blog commenters out there. My name is not “Rossie.” The following is a list   I compiled with names that I would prefer you call me.

1. Ross

2. Ross Hoss

3. Tennessee Tornado

4. Rossitron

5. Rossinator

6.Ross the big boss hoss

7. The King

8. Harrison

9.  Coach Moffitt

10. Sir

11.  Mr. Ross

12. Sir Ross

13. The Ross

You effort to adhere to this list will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Ross the slightly perturbed Hoss



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12 responses to “

  1. Caitlin

    The King? Really, Ross?

  2. Rosso (is this okay? I’ve called you this in text messages for a while now), let me simply make a couple of adjustments to the list. You’ve been “The Rossatron” for like 5 years in my cell phone. Therefore, “Rossatron” will always trump “Rossitron” in my book. Everything else looks fine. Except “peturbed” is spelled “perturbed.” Excuse all my corrections!

  3. mccoolio

    Dear Ross the Big Boss Hoss,

    You forgot Shelia.

  4. schmoffly


    I will now always call you Rossie, Rossie. Rossie.

  5. Donna

    Something you don’t know about Ross. In the fourth grade they had to do a musical performance of some sort in music class and he found a a pink and balck plaid suit coat at Goodwill, black shirt and black pants and did the best performance of Jailhouse Rock (solo) you have ever seen. He had all the moves and everything. He will always be “The KIng” to me.

  6. rosshoss

    Donna. You are my queen.

  7. Caitlin

    I can imagine that was the proudest day of your motherhood with “The King”. I wish I could have known “The King” in the fourth grade. You know, Ross IS a natural born performer. Maybe if he hasn’t sang Lovely Little Lola to you he could sometime.

  8. Schmoffly

    Mom, that was so cute! Ross will always be “The King” to her! Oh ROSSIE….

  9. Caitlin

    Rawsse, Roscoe, Rosslle, Rosser…..

  10. Donna Moffitt

    Wasn’t there someone who used to call you Rosie?
    And then Danielle used to call you and Josh both Jorshe.Charles used to call you “Ross Harrhun” when you couldn’t talk very plain when you were little. Sounds like Charles , huh? Do you want to add these to your list?

  11. i refuse to stop calling you rossie the rosster after you call me mikey the mikester when i call you.

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