Interesting things to think about…

1. Alex Rodriguez is a roid user. I always thought his legs to be a little to big and his forearms a little to ripped.

2. It is Black History Month. Henceforth…

3. Martin Luther King

3. Rosa Parks

5. Denzell Washington

6. Mary Wise

7. Barack Obama

8. Michael Jordan…

9. It is my birthday month.

10. Of course Jesus

11. First day of highschool baseball practice is tomorrow

12. Captain Sully

13. Our economy

14. R and R Lawn Care

15. The people that keep Nascar alive

16. Racecar is spelled the same forwards as it is backwards

17. Yesterday was Ashton Kutcher’s birthday

18. The book of Revelation

19. Stomp the Yard!!!

20. Acutane.

What do you find interesting to think about? comment.




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3 responses to “

  1. schmoffly

    I find it interesting to think about your fascination with Ashton Kutcher.

  2. schmoffly

    I meant to add *creepy* fascination.

  3. rosshoss

    i just think he is a cool guy is all…. nothing weird about it. so what if i wish i was him. big deal.

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