Flowing through the pages just like wine

I have been 20 for approximately 25 minutes. I am no longer a teen-ager. I am now somewhat of a man. I think I will consider myself completely man when my beard comes in a little more fully…. Anyways, here is a list of my top ten teen moments.

1. Being buried in sin and born again with a newness for life. Excellent line that I believe was stolen from the first prayer, from the pulpit, post my baptisimo. I would be sitting here with a completely different story to tell if not for my decision to love Jesus early in life. Jesus has made the last nineteen years pretty dang good for me. Thank you Jesus.

Disclaimer: The rest are in no particular order….

2. Winning State my senior year in baseball. Sort of lame I know. But man did I work hard for it. The way in which we won the whole tournament makes for a real good story in which I will tell my kids one day. I bet I have squirrely kids with weird feet…

3. Going to Goodpasture. Who knows what Ross would have ended up being like if I would have stayed at MLK. Probably dinky. I love good ol Goodpasture.

4. Riding around Joelton on my bike with Raleigh. I bet we pedaled 45 miles that day. Of course we didn’t have cell phones yet so of course I got in a lot of trouble for dissappearing for so long, but what can a boy do?

5. Tennisball-baseball. I would not trade all the thousands and thousands of hours I spent outside playing different sports with my friends. Some of the best/simplest times in my life. Sure I wasn’t the fastest kid on the block but ask anybody. I played with a heck of a lot of soul.

6. Playing baseball at Belmont. I made a lot of great friends and really came into my own at Belmont. It was real cool getting to pitch against Vanderbilt at their place. I guess I sort of, kind of enjoyed playin with my brother for the first time….

7. High school graduation. It was bitter sweet, but I had to enter the non-Goodpasture world at some time. So here I am.

8. Blue Grass Miracle. Jumping and screaming for the Tigers after the nearly impossible winning touch down pass to beat Kentucky is not something I will soon forget.

9. Of course the Music City Miracle.

10. The day I got Rusty. He has been my best friend since third grade. Even though he is in serious need of a doggie diet I still love him. I hope you get to watch him go down a flight of stairs sometime before you die. Of course he ain’t going to die first!

11. Creating Ross Moffitt day. While I was at Belmont I created my own holiday in which I bought a t shirt and skipped class. I hung out all day in the cafeteria eating cake and laughing with people. It was wonderful

12. Alan Jackson concert. It was my first concert. I went with Logan Darnell and Ashley Anderson. We don’t go to concerts anymore. It was lots and lots of fun.

13. The basketball game I played with my friends Chad, Zeb, and Grass right before Christmas break last year. For some reason I just went off behind the three point line. It was great.

14. Coaching the Girl’s soccer team Senior year of highschool. Why was this so fun? I have no idea. I think it is when I subconsciously decided to be a coach though.

15. My truck. I loved my truck. R.I.P. Thunder.

I know I went a little beyond 10. I could probably go on for another 30 but I will spare you. There has been a lot of good times. I also realized to many of my good memories have to deal with sports. I hope the next nineteen years will be a little bit more well rounded….. Happy Birthday Ross Hoss


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  1. Schmoffly

    I sort of, kind of enjoyed playin with you, too

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