Words in Red

The other night I was reading through Mathew, Mark, or one of the other gospels and I came to a great realization. My Bible, as does many, has the words of Jesus written in red lettering (this however, is not my realization). As I was reading though these words in my mind, for it was late and Drew hates when I read my books out loud to myself, I realized something.

I will be going on in normal Ross inside my head voice, interested in the words of Peter or those pesky Pharisees, but then I get to those words in red. My mind automatically switches over into some Heavenly, distant voice that is unlike any human would ever really talk, especially to friends. I decided that in my mind I was potrying a Jesus who wasn’t human at all (that is my realization). Sure do I think when Jesus was walking on the water he spoke in a really cool Heavanly voice, but not when He was just chatting with his friends.

I have decided that putting the words in red is doing a great injustice to all those bold enough to open up a Bible. Am I downplaying the words of Jesus? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I just want to read the Bible and hear Jesus’ voice in my head the way he really sounded…. Like a normal human. I think for some years now this has distracted me from realy understanding who Jesus was. Am I the only one who does this? If I had any money I would go buy a Bible in which there are no red words. Only black human styled words. Heck, I might even fork out the money to buy one anyways, give up a trip to Panara or two. I want to read the words of Jesus the way He would have spoke them, the way He is speaking them (insert your voice description here), in a cacuasion, southern styled, manly voice.

Ross the spiritually awakened Hoss

Anybody want to give me the big, fancy sounding word that starts with an “M” that means spiritual awakening?



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4 responses to “Words in Red

  1. Caitlin

    You said pesky Pharisees….
    dangit Ross, the way you write amazes me…

  2. schmoffly

    You know what always gets me? The italicized words. What they actually mean is that in he original Greek, the words were implied within another word and were not necessary. When translated to English, the translators needed to add a word in order to make it sound right in English. So they italicize it to say, “Hey, this word was not in the original Greek but we added it so it makes sense in English.”. I always slow down in my head and add extra emphasis to the italicized words even when I try really hard not to.

  3. Donna

    This is very thoughtful thinking. Love, Mom

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