Wonderful History

This is my great grandfathers WWI registration card. Does his name look familiar? Well, if a person was to chop off my first name (Ross) and just leave my middle and last name then you would get…. Harrison Moffitt. I was named after this man! No, I was not named after Harrison Ford as I might have told you in the past.

Things to be noted:

1. His occupation is “farmer.” Read a little further and you see he was self employed. Harrison just out tilling the fields,  answering to nobody but himself. Pleasant to think about huh?

2. Blue eyes… I wish I had his name and his blue eyes.

3. What if a hundred years from now one of my grandkids names their kid “Ross” after their great grandfather? How neat. Better yet, what if my granddaughter emails said Ross a copy of one of my report cards? Yikes!

4. He had a crippled shoulder. I have a crippled back, feet, and hands. I wonder what happened to his shoulder…  I really hope I don’t pass my oddly shaped pinky disease down to any future generations.

5. Harrison filled this out in 1917. If you do the math that is 92 years ago. Think how far America has gone, our world has gone, in the last 92 years. How much further will the world go in the next 92 years?

6. Harrison was twenty years old when he was filling this out. I am twenty years old right now. I can only imagine how scared he was to be filling this out. I couldn’t imagine.

7. In 1917 and 1918 approximately 24 million men filled out a registration card. This is but one of those 24 million.

harrison-moffitt-Ross Harrison Moffitt



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7 responses to “Wonderful History

  1. Donna

    I think you are a history teacher in the making….
    Great blog.

  2. Steve

    Just don’t be a math teacher becuase you can’t add. He is 30 years old! He was born in 1887 and this was in 1917. Maybe it was swithcing centuries that crossed up your math.

  3. schmoffly

    Ross, are you more concerned about your cursed pinky disease being passed on or your new found dependance and subsequent addiction to Acutane?

  4. Caitlin

    1. You would look silly with blue eyes.
    2. You still have time to improve your report card..start with taking notes.
    3. Prove that in two years 24 million men filled them out.
    4. Check your math before submiting blogs…..
    5. You’re retarded pinky is the best part of you.

  5. Charles Moffitt

    Hey Ross, Grandpa’s full name was Harrison Charles Moffitt. I was named after him also. Mom’s (your Grandma) dad’s name was Henry Hern Fann. My name is Charles Hern Moffitt. I was named after both of my grandfathers.

  6. schmoffly

    Alright… time for a new blog…

  7. donna

    If I hadn’t just talked to you a few minutes ago I would worry something had happened to you. I miss your blogs. 🙂

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