Twitter Mania.

I hope you kept on reading and didnt stop at the title. I guess if you are reading this then you did. whatever.

So my friend Mike and myself decided a few weeks ago that it was our life goal to have a Famous person message us on Twitter. I have tweeted Ashton Kutcher a million messages on his messages but of course, he has his plate kinda full with Oprah and Fred Durst and what not. Mike has been tweetin’ really in depth guitar messages on John Mayer’s profile. But unfortunately his efforts are futile, just like mine.

P.S. I might have even tweeted up Miley Cyrus about her new hit single The Climb. Not important though.

Here is what is important. Inspired by Ashton Kutcher’s recent challenge to CNN  (See link below) I have decided to make a challenge of my own. Here is my challenge: I challenge anyone and everyone who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody to get a celebrity to message me on Twitter. If this happens I will stand at the Green Hills Tiger Market and buy free hotdogs for a solid hour to anyone who comes and says my secret password ( to be given out later). Here is the link to my Twitter account.  For some reason it is not linking but just copy and paste it! FREE HOT DOGS! MAYBE EVEN A FREE BIG DRINK IF I THINK THE CELEBRITY IS REALLY COOL! The bigger the Celeb the better!

I realize this is a LOOONG  shot but hey, maybe it will work…. Who knows.



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4 responses to “Twitter Mania.

  1. Caitlin

    Ross………not the best or smartest idea you have ever had….

  2. Haha good luck! I’m following like every political figure on Twitter and I’ve actually messaged/replied to a few of them in hopes that they would message or reply back to me , but no such luck for me either thus far!

  3. schmoffly

    I now have a new reason to live my life to its fullest potential. And what is that potential, you ask? Some might say ‘cheaper electricity for all,’ or ‘for CCS to win a game against a team that isn’t made up of home school kids,’ or ‘for RossHoss to recognize that Schmoffly truly thinks Caitlin is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.’

    I know see that all this is vanity.

    My new goal in life?

    To make sure you never mention Miley Cyrus in a blog again. It is embarrasing for the family for you to admit to listening to her. Don’t you realize she has no actual music ability but is the carefully sculpted media conglomeration of Billy Ray, MTV and Nick Kids? Her sole purpose is to get the parents of 14 year old girls to spend their hard earned money on Miley Cyrus lunchboxes, Miley Cyrus backpacks, Miley Cyrus glitter lipstick, and Miley Cyrus hair extensions.

    I will not endorse such media construction as Miley Cyrus to my daughter. I will support the time-proved classics such as the Ninja Turtles, the Green Power Ranger, or Wonder Woman.

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