Long Live Rusty Garth Moffitt!

I encourage you to think of a nice tune in which to read this like a song. So here we go, get out that guitar and enjoy!

Rusty the good ol boy

He has been my best friend since third grade

He’d be there when I got home Always willing to go outside and play.

He play whatever games I wanted too

Basketball, baseball to name a few

Most of the time he would let me win

And run with me When momma would call us in.

He was the best friend a boy could ever want

Always down to listen to what was on my mind

Then head out see what trouble we could find

Spend all day out in the woods

With my bb gun shootin everything we could

I entered my teenage years

A little akward my hair hidin my ears

I didn’t many friends as I remember

But then id get home and see him sittin there

Ready to play and ready to show me he cared

We go for walks down to the lake

Neither one of us having much to say

Still carrying that old bb gun

Shootin birds and squirrels soakin up the sun

Yeah he is my best friend

I always remember him

Long after he is gone I remember the good times

And the loyalty that was shown

Now I am growing older

No longer a kid anymore

Not really sure what God put me in this world for

Ive moved out of the house

But when I go home Ill plop down on the couch

With my best friend coming to lay at my feet

His tail slappin the floor not missin a beat

He is beginning to show a little age in the eyes

The same eyes that has seen all my stages of life

He is the best dog a boy, teen, man could ask for

Even though he can barely climb the steps anymore

He’ll always be the dog that chased me around the woods so long ago

And for now we will continue together to grow old

He will always be my best friend



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3 responses to “Long Live Rusty Garth Moffitt!

  1. schmoffly

    Very nice. I love ol’ Garth, too. But I am a little worried that he beats you in basketball sometimes.

    Remember when we used to tie each other to the basketball goal and then see who can escape the quickest? (Sounds like a weird game when I write it down, but it used to be fun.) When it was your turn to be tied up, Rusty would flip out thinking I had done something to hurt you. He would bark and whine through the fence like he wanted to get to you so bad!

    And I’m glad you are blogging again!

  2. donna

    I remember when we lived on Gerald Drive and if you had your bedroom door closed Rusty would lie in the hall as close up to your door as he could get until you came out. He loves you, Rossie!

  3. donna

    Oh, yeah, then there is the day that you canoed in the snow together.

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