It is once again that time. What time? Graduation time. The caps are being straightened and the gowns ironed. The kids are lining up Broadway surrounded by their closest families and friends and it has me thinking. Thinking about what? My graduation.

I hardly even remember my graduation. Was I drunk? No. Was I high? on life.

Just about all I can remember is the awesome chocolate covered strawberries. A staple at any graduation across the world. Along with the strawberries, I also remember not having a party, nor do I remember going to any parties. False. I remember going to Nicks and pretending like I got my head stuck in his staircase in order to get a few laughs. I also remember receiving lots of dollar bills in the mail, in my pocket, at Church, and in the grocery.

I propose that every time I enter a new phase/stage in my life I receive lots of money. blah blah blah. never will that happen. It is nice to think about though.

For all you people out there curious as to what I have been doing since I have graduated high school here is a quick run down. I live a pretty exciting life so read on I beg you!

1. Went to Nick’s graduation party

2. Obtained perfect abs only to lose them a few days later.

3. Moved into my dorm. Loved it.

4. Perfected Guitar hero.

5. Pitched for the mighty Bruins.

6. Ate a lot of Ranch Sunflower seeds

7. Obtained my #1 flag salesmen status.

8. Received a very nice wall hanging for my flag selling efforts

9. Led the NCS Eagles to a region playoff birth

10. Transferred colleges twice

11. Played 2 weeks under Coach Forehand

12. Ran seven miles.

13. bought 2343252 gallons of gas

14. Did not get a tattoo

15. Loved to live and lived to love

16. Made 2 new friends

-Ross Hoss


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  1. schmoffly

    We all know #2 is a gratuitous lie…

    How do we know if the other ones are true or not?!

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