Larry Byrd.

I set my alarm for 9:30 this morning. I should have known better. It is now 11:13 and still, I have yet to wattle down stairs to put my pop tarts into the toaster oven. What is wrong with me? I used to be such an early riser.

Tonight Mike and I will once again grab our poles, sprinkle garlic over some chicken gizzard, do our team stretches, and head down to some body of water somewhere. Our goal is to of course bring home the catfish motherload. Today is the day of our big break. I can feel it!

Now for my second influence that everyone is so anxiously awaiting. He is my brother and my friend. Josh Moffitt.

Okay on a more serious note. The second influence came into my life in a very interesting way. I had a school project to do on raising the awareness of the Nashville homeless problem. So I strapped on my Doc Martins and my faithful yellow Goodpasture stocking cap and headed downtown. My hopes was to find a homeless man who wanted to work but for whatever reason was unable to. God saw me workin’ downtown that night and allowed my path to cross with the path of a homeless man by the name of Terry.

After using the FF button on the remote I am moving on to how I was influenced by him. I saw Terry probably five more times after that night. He had himself a case worker and was genuinely trying to get off the streets. His problem however was that he was an alcoholic. Now I had seen people drinking a few beers down the street at the local party house, but never had I seen a true alcoholic who was unable to function in society.It was definitely an eye opening experience.

Josh and I happened to run into him one night and he was broke, cold, and well thirsty. He was supposed to meet with his case worker in the morning about a job so he was trying to stay sober. He asked us to sit with him. In the span of about one hour Terry was on the ground shaking and almost crying because he was unable to put alcohol in his system.

I always knew alcohol was bad but at this point in time I saw where it could be truly evil. Eventually we had to leave Terry because he insisted on being alone. We called his case worker and apparently he never showed. I don’ know where Terry is today, but I know I will never forget him. He showed me how blessed I truly was. How blessed I truly am.

Ross Hoss the Blessed Boss



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4 responses to “Larry Byrd.

  1. schmoffly

    I hope you never catch a fish the rest of your life!


  2. rosshoss

    Ross, From one Christian to another…I admire you and Josh for the work you have done out of your little safe corner of the world. From Mother to son…BE CAREFUL! People are nuts out there!

    Great blog!! Love you!

  3. rosshoss

    Mom. you were logged in as me when you left that comment. please recognize.

  4. Donna

    Sorry. I was logged in as your dad the other day when I left one. I don’t know how that happens.

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