Magic Johnson

I got lots of respect for anyone with the first name of Magic.

Why does the word “you” have a “y” and an “o” added on it? Who came up with that? Who really comes up with anything?

This is what I love. The fact that my home computer (which I am using right now. My laptop is taking a break from working) has all of my childhood music on its itunes. Right now I am rocking out to my childhood friend Garret Dickerson’s c.d. Adolescent Joyride!

This is also the third installment of my influences blogoseries! I thought about who I should make this one about, and my mind was flooded with people in my life who I see nearly every week.

So this is a blog dedicated to all you people out there who have influenced me and who continue to influence me in a positive manner. I will not name any names…. but if you have never tried to get me to partake in something condemned by the  New Testament then this is for you!

I was talking to someone a few years ago about how God will put people in life for a reason. Well, I think God has more than once thrown some personalities at me in order to make me better, or in order to allow me to learn a valuable lesson. Sitting there at your Dell, or Macintosh, think about these folks in your own life. Appreciate them. I appreciate you for reading this blog.

What do I love most about summer? The tan I get on my forearms.

Also my friend Siobhan who writes awesome poems may stop in to write a poem one day soon. So get excited about that. Also, if you dig what I am doing on here give me some feedback. Spread the RossHoss word.

It is real late and my thoughts are real scattered. I need to start working out again tomorrow. So I hope I run into you at the Y.

I tried to put my bookshelves together tonight because my Dad needs his clothes hamper back. It went terribly south terribly fast. I am usually pretty handy but not tonight!

-Ross the influenced Hoss



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  1. schmoffly

    Nice new look! And I like the header, too!

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