I am drinking my morning coffee while sitting at my computer. Watch out Donald Miller and Raleigh Mccool!

I woke up this morning and popped about 1231323 Tylenol looking to relieve my back pain. As I cringed while bending over to get my mug out of the dish washer I thought, I will write a blog today. Here is a blog that will give you an inside look as to what goes on in my mind, while I work out.

[I arrive]

Wow, my back hurts just by looking at that squat rack.

I wonder how old that pretty lady is over on the lat pulldown

Should i keep my sweats on… well my legs sure are tan. Ill take them off.

Ill start with biceps. Nooooooo. I’ll start with chest. ok lets go.

[as i flex my pecks] I guess I’ll go with the dumb bell bench presses.

breathe 1… breath 2… breath 3… etc.

Is that a zit?

wow my beard is coming in.

is that girl looking at me.

she looked away lets take care of my face flaws real fast

Wow that guy has great arms.

has it been a minute?

breath…1 breath….2 breath…3 etc

Im all worked out already.

ill work in some abs.

is she looking at me?

maybe she is looking at me because I keep looking at her…

oh great a text message. wonder who its from…

i have got to take less time in between sets.

jump rope jump rope

does that guy really have that big of a chest.

This is just a small insert from what goes on in my mind during a solid work out. Needless to say I am not necessarily one to stay focused. If I tried too hard to stay focused I would reach my focus capacity in no time then have to go home.

My coffee is cold, so I guess this blog is over.

Do not forget to look out for possible influences today!

Ross under the influenced Hoss


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