You are where you are supposed to be.

After much debate with myself I finally decided it was time to change the format of the Blog that Ross Hoss built. I am now experimenting with a more sophisticated, classier look. Let me know what you think….

Brief, so very brief, segment about my chosen profile picture:

Yours truly, Ross Hoss is wearing the #37 jersey. I am certain that at this point I had a cheek full of Ranch sunflower seeds and a pocket full of free Oatmeal Creme Pies. The greatest thing Belmont Baseball ever did for me was give me free Oatmeal Creme Pies. To my throwing/moneymaking side of my body sits my brother adorning the #28 jersey. Not much needs to be said about him. To his weaker than my throwing arm side sits his long time pal Eric Diaz. Eric is a nice boy, who pulls off the karate kid bandana look better than anybody else I know.

This is my second post today. I hope that nobody is so overwhelmed with useless information that they decide to retire from my blog forever.

From a hidden location I have begun to chronicle all of my college adventures. One day, when I am confident people will laugh and enjoy these tails, I will post the link. However, for now, it is just a little secret.

Inspired by my friend Raleigh’s blog I have decided to also make a list of my all time favorite athletes. Similar to the Ryan Klesko Hall of Fame I will now begin forming the Fred Mcgriff Hall of Fame. I will include, along with my other worldly thoughts, one inductee per post from now until I run out of favorite athletes.

And the first inductee into the Fred Mcgriff Hall of Fame is…….. Well, Fred Mcgriff of course.

fred mcgriff

Frederick Stanley Mcgriff, also known as the “Crime Dog” easily takes the cake as my all time favorite athlete (sorry Bruce Mathews). I grew up, following my brother around the back yard, and the Braves. Now understand, that I did not have the luxury of cable while growing up, so I would have to get my Sportscenter fix down the town at my Grandmother’s house. Now also understand, I was a whopping negative eight years old when the Crime Dog was drafted to the Yankees in the ninth round. I was negative three years old when Fred made his major league debut. I was five years old when I watched Fred place second in the 1994 All Star game. Falling only to one of the greatest hitters of all time, Ken Griffey JR. So maybe I was drawn to the wisdom that had grown in the mustache of this lefty slugger by the time had come around. Who knows.

Probably the highlight of my life and Fred’s career was when he knocked two dingers in the 95 World Series as he brought the trophy home to his homies in Atlanta. This most definitely deserves its own line.

However great his numbers might be, I still watch sports with a keen eye for character. Fred has, and always will have character. I am a sucker for an athlete with good character.

His promoting of the Tom Emanski hitting videos has placed him in baseball telemarketing history. The Emanski comercials can still be seen on tv today, making it one of the longest running commercials of all time.

I have, and will until the end of the time place my hat so high on my head that the small gust of wind created by a passing batboy will be able to knock it off. I will forever dream of being a powerful black man with a mustache, hitting bombs from the left side while scooping up anything thrown in my direction at first base. I will choose to be number 27 even when being number 27 is not an option. I will continue to display all of Fred’s baseball cards ever created from the plastic case hanging on my bedroom wall. I will forever mourn the tearing of my Fred poster. The poster I stumbled upon in some costume store while shopping with my mother, which depicted Fred during his glorious days as a Blue Jay, and was for the longest time my most prized possession.

Not all of my inductees speeches will be as long as Frederick Stanley Mcgriff’s speech. I hope you enjoy this segment. Maybe one day I will write with good punctuation, rough drafts, and correctly placed hyphens. To become a good writer is my summer goal. This is too long. Goooood Daaaay!

Ross the TN Tornado Hoss


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  1. schmoffly

    To my throwing/moneymaking side of my body sits my brother adorning the #28 jersey. Not much needs to be said about him.


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