So Long Sweet Flag World…

As I begin this blog I have roughly three more hours and twenty four minutes left until I am no longer a regular Flag World employee. Many do not know, but it is in this very World that I decided to start the RossHoss Blog. After about two years and 14,542 views later, I am finally wrapping up the Flag World Era of my life.

I work at an ironing board (pictured below). And let me tell you what this ironing board would say if it was able to relay memories of my time here to the blogoshere world.

Ironing Board: “I remember that time Ross dropped and did ten pushups in the floor after looking at all those bodybuilding posters.”

“I remember the time Ross got the scary homeless man arrested for frightening him into giving him 20 dollars.”

“I remember the time, well, all of the many times, Ross watched girlie tv shows such as the Bachelorette.”

“I remember the time that Ross drank a Mountain Dew then felt bad for being unhealthy, so did sit up sin the middle of the floor (all of this of course after looking at body building posters).”

“I remember when Ross was invited to go Salsa dancing with some girls and politely declined. Stating that he had already made dance plans with other girls.”

“I remember how hard Ross would laugh every time he gave back two cents of change and said well for what its worth, here is my two cents.”

“I remember that time a large man used the “F word” and Ross gave him fifteen percent off his flag purchase, well, because he was scared.”

“I remember when Ross hid underneath me and cried a little after the large drunk man body slammed the little Mexican man right outside our door.”

“I remember when Ross tried on all the hats and bandanas. He is so funny.”

I remember all the Cracker Jacks he got all over me.”

“I remember the time he started a blog.”

“I remember when Solomon told Ross he should really consider buying girls a pizza in order to get them to like him.”

“I remember the celebration in which Ross was presented with his “Number 1 Flag Salesmen Award.”

“I remember how much he loved the people. Not only the customers but also those who worked around him. Ross will be missed.”

ross-Ross the number one flag selling Hoss.


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One response to “So Long Sweet Flag World…

  1. schmoffly

    How much of that stuff really happened?

    Like…being presented with the #1 Flag Salesman Award? There is no such award.

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