All I Want In Life.

I was thinking last night in Church about what I hope to gain in life. Stuff that I would just really enjoy having. My happiness would of course not be defined by these things, but I sure would like them.

1. A small house.

2. A large dining room table for my kids and I to eat. Oh, and my wife.

3. I large enough back yard where if I so desired, I could shoot a shotgun, while sitting in a rocking chair, on my back porch.

4. Rusty my dog. And lots of other little animals to talk to when I get home after a late night.

5. Orange slushies from BK.

6. My friends… Aw….

7. A really nice grill.

8. Somebody really nice to grill for me.

9. X Box Live.

10. Good abs.

11. A cool tv.

12. A pain free lower back.

13. An autographed Ashton Kutcher poster. Wait, What?

14. A sewn, cotton, Tn state flag.

15. My pride.

16. I want to keep my small truck forever.

17. A big ol bed.

18. A job where I felt like when I left each day, I had left the world a better place.


20.  (insert lots of little happiness things here)

What makes you happy? What would make you happy? Why don’t you have it already? Is it obtainable? Am I getting corny in my post flag world state?

Ross Flag Selling the big boy Hoss



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2 responses to “All I Want In Life.

  1. Charles Moffitt

    Less of what I have now! Less house. Less stuff.

    More yard for garden, orchard, flowers, pond, bees and a shop

    More grandchildren

    More miles on THE trail

    More hunting and fishing with friends and family

    More family time

    More church family time

    More opportunities to give back

    Matthew 6:33

    As I get older it is more about the quality and quantity of the time that I have with family and friends than possessions. I wished I could have started earlier.

  2. donna

    Ross, where are your parents on this list? Where is brother? Do you need us?

    I need to be happy….
    God in my life,healthy and happy family and friends, being able to be with my family and friends,
    interesting things to read, a good movie to watch, coffee, being able to help others in some way, flowers, and fun.

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