I’m almost so lonesome I could maybe cry.

Second day of being sick. Honestly, my body feels pretty good with the exception of my throat. I talk funny, kind of like a shy lady robot. If you are interested in how that sounds just call me, and it will all be made very clear to you.

The only living creature who has slept more than me these last two days is my little friend Albert. I claim this as fact. I have slept A LOT. Albert is my new kitten who my family rescued from the baseball field. Anyway, we spend a lot of time together with our eyes closed. However, our relationship, these past two days, has really grown into something beautiful. Or so I had thought….

I’m afraid Albert is getting a little too clingy. He is everywhere, always meowing and purring. I never have a second alone anymore. Just moments ago he walked onto my keyboard and typed the word “shkei.” What does that even mean? The language barrier is killing us!

My mom says that it is just love and thats how love works. I told her that I thought she was overthinking the whole situation, and then reminded her we were talking about a kitten.

This is a picture of Albert. He told me, in a variation of paw gestures, that if my throat had to hurt then he wanted his to hurt too then.




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4 responses to “I’m almost so lonesome I could maybe cry.

  1. Jake

    Ross, this was too funny…just the story I needed. However, that picture worries me…I hope he’s not in too much pain.

    PS. The language barrier passes with time. The universal language with cats is carpet and quick gestures, in case you weren’t aware.

  2. schmoffly

    Ross. Poor Albert. You don’t know what love is if you would do this to him. Even if he wanted it, your love should have kicked in and said, “No, Albert, I don’t wish this upon anyone!”

  3. donna

    Will you take this picture of Albert off? It kind of makes me sad when I see it.

  4. Jenna

    Ross, once again you have made me laugh out loud, at my desk. Did you leave Albert or take him with you?!

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