New in Town.

I am sitting up on one of two love seats that reside in our living room, den, type room thing. My legs are propped up on one end while my upper body is propped up on the other. My lovely mother thought it would be a good idea to get rid of our couch (that was the perfect size for my 6’2” frame) and replace it with the second love seat. I now don’t even bother getting out of bed to come downstairs to watch tv. I just watch the tiny one in my room, legs fully extended.

But whatever! There are more pressing matters at hand. I am sick. My throat hurts. Does your throat hurt? Sorry if it does. I take full responsibility. I have great doctors. I saw Dr. Anderson today and if the perfect American man exist it is Dr. Anderson.

Also, have you ever seen the movie New in Town? I sort of kind of recommend it.

Announcement: I will not be attending Belmont or Lipscomb this semester. I will be attending Tennessee Tech. Yeah, it is my third college in three years. But what can I do? I’m just trying to find my place in the world.

I plan on blogging about my Tn Tech adventures. I think I will use the blog as incentive to get out and get some stories to right about on here. For now, the story of my life is throat spray and doctor offices.


Ross the my throat hurts Hoss.


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  1. BK

    no lipscomb? that hurts my heart. seriously. you better keep up this blog. i still love reading it.

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