There is something I need to tell ya’ll. Shall we talk?

It is October 25, 2009. Six days before Halloween. Teens, pre-teens, and tweeners all over the country have their minds set on one thing. One thing that only does two things. 1. Makes you uncomfortable. 2. Cost too much money, especially if a girl is with you. Know what I am talking about yet? Well, I’ll tell ya. Haunted Houses are what I have on my mind this morning.

Somehow I made it all the way to the age of 19 before I ever visited a Haunted House. Disclaimer: it was some sort of date party thing and my ticket was free or else I never would have gone. I remember walking through the halls with the blinking lights and the skeletons and I think more so than scared, I was angry. I was at angry because such a place as this exist. I was angry because people were making money off of this. I was angry because people actually enjoyed scaring other people slash enjoyed being scared.

I hate the ads for haunted houses. I hate hearing them on my radio the most. They say things that are very disturbing and pass it as ok. They say things about cops dying, warewolves eating people, people losing limbs, attacked by spiders, etc. Sign me up!! No. Stupid.

Here is what I propose. I house that is happy. However, there are no clowns or mirrors. Just people laughing and telling jokes. There would be fun riddles to figure out on the walls. There would be a place to play pick up basketball or tennis on the Wii. All of your old friends would probably be there. Boys would meet girls and fall in love in the happy house. Life would just be happy in the happy house. How does that sound to all of you? The happy house that is?



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4 responses to “Knoxville

  1. kennedy

    i like the happy house. i hate haunted houses and i hate clowns as does Drew (when he was little he used to cry at bedtime saying, “the cwouns will get me”. so i am glad that clowns will be omitted from the happy house 🙂

  2. Schmoffly

    Happy House? Ha good one.

  3. Schmoffly

    What about a driving range in the happy house? And an ice cream bar? And lots of little midgets running around having a good time.

  4. midnight mike

    i’d check out the happy house.

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