I should probably go to bed…

It is almost four o’clock and I have no excuse for still being awake. My cat Albert and I may be the only souls still kicking it at this hour. Albert cries, yes literally cries out for attention which he must receive constantly.

A lot has happened since I wrote last. Wow, apparently I have gotten cliché ( “A lot has happened since I wrote last”? Not me). For instance, I am moving into a new house in a new city. I am tripling all my previous roommate total by settling down in a quaint little place right off UT’s ginormous campus. I have embraced Lane Kiffin as “my coach” who I plan to support with all my heart. I have never really seen myself in orange (besides that orange polo I bought not to long ago because Mom said I looked so handsome in it). But I guess it is time to get my cheek tattoo Power Tees out and jump into UT culture and let nothing hold me back from achieving greatness.

Greatness is my new word for 2010. Inspired by my friend Meggie I have decided that I will be great this year. I am about to tell you what I believe the secret to all this greatness talk is. Ready? Well here it is. You must set specific goals. vagueness only leads to dinky years. I encourage you to be more specific in your resolutions and your 2010 goals. There my friend, is the key to achieving what your heart so longingly desires for.

Now onto more important things. I have decided to join my Father in his ongoing quest to become a cowboy. My cowboy name is Maple Tree Moffitt. Want to know why they call me Maple Tree? Well, “Because it ain’t nothin’ to find me out there nappin’ underneath that ol Maple Tree.”

I have also decided to start a book club. It is called “Ross’ Readers.” Note: I will occasionally throw in the occasional movie. Mainly because movies are fun. Be looking out for my facebook group coming to a facebook page on your computer soon.

A quick rundown of all my previous roommates and one or two strong points that kept me from going insane.

Frensley: Lovely dude. His strongest point was probably that he did not care how messy I was. We had clothes laying all the way down Belmont Blvd. and he never cared. Also, his mom made delicious little snacks that would often make my stomach hurt during timed poles…. Curse those timed poles.

Reece: Reece was the exact opposite of Frensley in the cleanliness sense. I would not even be able to set my empty cup down on the table beside me before he would grab it and throw it away. I grew to really appreciate this about Reece. Plus, you never had to worry about Reece keeping you up late at night with loud hollering or ramblings about nothing. Reece always knew when it was bed time.

Drew: Drew had great style. Which often led to him “borrowing” my clothes. Looking back I really consider it a compliment more than anything. Also, since Drew and I shared bunk beds we had some good talks late at night. I am not ashamed to admit that I appreciate the late  night good talk before going to sleep.

Fizer: My first experience with a completely random roommate. If one was to look just at our interests sheet it would not take long to realize we had nothing in common. But we plowed through our differences and got along quite marvously. Fizer would always let me watch ESPN even though I know he could not care less about how many yards Chris Johnson racked up last Sunday. Thanks Fizer. For letting me watch Sportscenter.

I guess I will go to bed now. Rommates of past. I miss you guys.

Goodnight Bellevue,

Ross “Maple Tree” Hoss


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One response to “I should probably go to bed…

  1. Schmoffly

    You outweight Drew by at least 75 pounds. How in the blue blazes did he wear your clothes?

    Double curse those poles! Our brotherness was tested to the extreme on those poles, but we perservered! At least you could eat. Chris couldn’t eat more than a solitary dinky caf banana without getting cramps from nervousness.

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