Wait, it is a new year already?

Welcome to the year 2010. It is good to have you here with me.

I am sitting at Flag World, I thought surely I’d have retired by 2010 but I haven’t, thinking about this new year we have found ourselves in. Listen, I have wrote down my resolutions. Most of them even contain little encouraging side notes. I will copy down my resolutions exactly like they are on the sheet of paper and after this post and this shift they will be posted on my bulletin board. Ok. Here we gooooo.

1. To weigh 225 lbs of solid muscle by the end of this year. Don’t get fat though Ross. Keep working. Remember how active you were in high school? Well get at it.

2. Budget. 1 fast food meal a week at most (no carry overs). Save money!

3. Go Go Go until failure. Don’t flake out!!!

3a. Stories of Living, Moffitt Tees, Budgeting, Everything else I decide to do.

4. Keep nightly journal. What good are these years if I remember nothing from them?

5. Become a cowboy with Dad!

6. Get that dang tattoo finally. Any ideas of what to get readers? -not in original document mind you.

7. Get involved in Knoxville Church Group.

8. Have a kid………………. Maybe. TBD 😉 (its more comical than creepy on my actual sheet. promise)

9. A B grades! If not all A’s. Your future starts now!

10. Grow a beard. If it doesn’t happen this year it may never happen. Come on 2010!

11. Only date girls who I really want to date. Remember: This will help you with all your other resolutions. Especially Budgeting!

12. Be great!

13. Read a lot of books.

14. Do not shy away from learning. Intelligence is what will set me freeee.

15. Write some more songs.

16. Stay inspired!

17. Do not be complacent. Do I want to look back on 2010 and be sad? Heck no!

18. You turn 21 this year. It is about time you get organized. So why don’t ya? Ok I will!



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5 responses to “Wait, it is a new year already?

  1. Schmoffly

    I wholly support your endeavor to get a tattoo. And to beat you to the punch , no, I don’t support you financially to get a tattoo, just moral support…and I will be there holding your hand if the pain is to great for you.

    Why don’t you let Cait and I supply the kid for the family this year. Why not? We already have a head start on you. Take your time. Maybe get a wife first. This whole illegitimate thing doesn’t fit in with your goals this year, especially the budgeting ones.

    If you want any beard growing tips, call me.

    19) No overdrafting!

  2. Your relationship with Flagworld is like mine with Chick-fil-A. I can’t seem to escape it! Those sounds like good resolutions, Ross. You will be missed next semester at Tech!

  3. rosshoss

    Thanks Jonathan! I am confident in the fact that one day we will both be have successful careers that we will be very happy with. Careers that do not consist of selling flags and making chicken sandwiches and ice dreams…

  4. If you have a kid (if possible) can I have the publishing rights? If I could get that on the cover of the Enquirer, I could retire with the sale of the info and pictures. Let me know rosshoss.

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