A look into the little things

I have so many questions throughout my day. Did we have homework in here? Where is my wallet? Has anyone seen my keys? What are y’all doing for dinner? I wonder what Swiperboy has tweeted about today? Have my biceps gotten bigger? Is Forrest Gump the best film of our time? Etc… You get the picture.

I also have questions pertaining to other things that maybe you have not taken the time to question. I plan on doing a series of blogs looking into the little things in life… but, as with most my plans, who knows if I will last past this post.

As I was home for spring break I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a yogurt. I then opened the drawer to where we keep the silverware. I blindly grabbed a spoon and then attempted to dip it into my yogurt. The only problem was it was too big to fit inside my cup. This spoon was not large enough to scoop spaghetti sauce out of the pan with, nor was it small enough to fit into my yogurt.

The question is why do spoons of this size even exist?

A man stands at the silverware store looking at spoons. He then decides to buy the spoon that if used would provide him with more food than his mouth could handle. This makes no sense to me. How is there a market for medium sized spoons. We have spoons at my house that are the perfect size for all food requiring a scoop. Why are those not the only spoons that are available to the public? Do America mouths vary that much in size? I say no.

It is like my family shops for silverware at Goodwill buying only the spoons that are half off that day. As far as I know my parents have never thrown away a spoon. Why would you have to? They are made of steel. It would be like throwing away a perfectly good… well.. umm… fork. So once these awkwardly sized spoons get into your silverware drawer they are there forever.

Maybe my family is the only one that is like this. I don’t know. I searched for answers. I sat down with my Dad and asked him all my spoon questions. All I got was a grunt as he gently placed a delicate, teeny tiny spoonful of oatmeal in his mouth. Yes, we have teeny tiny spoons as well….

I have decided that when I have my own silverware I will buy one set of perfectly sized spoons and never look back.



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5 responses to “A look into the little things

  1. Two blogs in three days?! Nice. Welcome back to the blogosphere Ross.

  2. mccoolio

    I like a extra-large spoon when I eat cereal because I’m usually pressed for time and a big, monster-mouthful of cereal just tastes better than a wussy-spoonful. It hits all possible taste buds when you get a big,mouthful.

  3. Ross,

    I have one size spoon. Not only that, I have one specific style of spoon and I will not use another. It works just like I want and the others don’t fit. Yes you heard me, they don’t fit. Mine is a serving spoon. Don’t laugh, the others hurt the corner of my mouth. I’ve even thought of designing my own spoon for men. Just in case something were to happen to all of the other spoons of the size and shape I like, I have hidden one and it is my backup if the others leave for some reason. Blog on!

  4. Steve

    You have way too much time on your hands. Shouldn’t you be studying?

  5. donna

    I am so glad you are blogging again!

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