The Journey

Every weekday I put on my ipod and embark on the journey to my morning class. Here is a random assortment of my thoughts that occur during this journey.

“Man, I am tired.”

“I have funny feet”

“Was she at my house last weekend? Not sure. Give a head nod anyway.”

“Not this hill again.”

“If I flex my abs going up this hill, will it give me a six pack?”

“Is she staring at me or did we just glance at the same time?”

“Pair 13 of the little girl’s Nike shorts and not even half way up the hill. Crazy.”

“I should have showered.”

“Alright 50 Cent is on the Pod! Just what I need right now.”

“Oh hey Nick.”

“Finally! I’ve reached the top. Thank goodness.”

“I feel strong today.”

“Aww Sophies B&G”

“Surely today is the day I see someone I know waiting on the light.”

“Where are all the people I know all the time?Do they go to class?”

“Class. Yuck.”

“Good thing I never slip and say yuck out loud.”

“I can’t believe I’m sweating. I’m ruined.”

“Where are all the jacked guys I see in the weightroom at night during the day?”

“Shoot. Forgot my pen. I need to buy more pens.”

“Should I skip astronomy? I think I will. I’ll just read the power points.”

“What would Knoxville do if they knew how loud I was listening to Styx right now?”

“I love Styx.”

“Will I ever graduate?”

“What would I do with a nice truck and a million dollars? Take over the world. That’s what.”

“Has my niece been born yet? I should call and check on that.”

“I am dehydrated.”

“Wow, can’t believe I am finally to my class.”

“Wait, do we have a test today?”

“I gotta think about real things now. Shoot.”

“Oh hello class.”

-Ross the Vol Hoss


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