Cherry Bomb.

Every time I enter into a new phase in my life, I feel the need to blog about what I plan to accomplish while living through said new phase. Well, summer is upon us and once again, I have high aspirations (While typing the word aspirations just now, the commentator for the Cavs Celtics game said “aspirations”. I was about at the “t” when he said it. Crazy. Go Lebron!) for this summer just like I had for last.  I am in Nashville a.k.a. the City of Possibilities, and I have a job a.k.a. I can buy cool things. So here is a list of my hopes, dreams, and aspirations for this summer!

1. Fix my muffler. I currently do not have a muffler at all. I cut it off and was unable to put the new one back on. I blame it on Autozone. If you turn your t.v. off or your radio down, somewhere around ten or so tonight, you will be able to hear me driving around. No matter where you are in the world. Trust me. You will.

2. FINALLY learn the guitar. I enjoy writing songs. Most of them fall under the Honky Tonk genre. You may have heard “Dadgum Gas Prices” or “Cup of Coffee and a Quart of Oil.” If you haven’t them maybe you will one day. I feel as if it is imperative to have a guitar in my lap for people to take my songs, and more importantly, my career as a Honky Tonk singer, seriously.

3. Drop a few lbs. This is the summer of fitness. Meet me in the gym. We’ll do some sweating and stuff. It will be great.

4. Write stuff. I have an idea for a book. I want to take my book to the next level. I have a lot of ideas of possible life changing material to fill the pages with but need to bring them all together. I also need to seek some help from someone who knows the English language, and Jesus better than me.

5. Save some cash. Just say no to the Chillies Bacon Burger, Ross. Just say no!

6. Make knives. Knife making is apparently something my family does. I want in on this! I will make you a knife for $100 dollars.

7. Build something out of wood. I have no idea what yet. If you have any idea then let me know.

8. Catch about a million fish. I am going to get better at cooking the fish I catch. Fish Fry at Reece’s condo soon! Check facebook everyday looking for your invite.

9. Read a book for every fish I catch. No, not a book about fish for every fish, but a book that will make me smarter and able to contribute a little more good to society, like a book about recycling.

10. Grow a beard. This has successfully made it to every list I have ever made. I’m not even that passionate about beards. However, it would be pretty cool to have the option at least.

The list will inevitably grow as I do spiritually, mentally, and physically. What are your plans for the summer?

Honorable mentions for what is now known everywhere as “The list.”

1. Lay out as much as possible henceforth, getting as dark as possible.

2. Drive across the country stopping at every exit on the way, just to meet as many gas station employees as possible. Then write a book about them all. It will be called “Service Men of America.”

3. Play basketball with Swiperboy.

4. Go to a Braves game and throw a hot dog onto the field.

5. Buy some more camo clothes.

6. Make my own Sushi, in my own kitchen, with my own fish.

Follow me on Twitter. @rosshoss. Its as simple as that.

-Ross the tan Hoss.


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