Willie Nelson

So, I did not win the Donald Miller blog contest (see below). They gave it to some lady who was also trying to change the world and rid the world of poverty or something silly like that.

I am back in the beautiful mountains of UT’s campus. Since I have been up here I have caught zero fish, but have become the new umm err hmmm caretaker? No. Let’s see. The new guy who watches over three kiddos, who may or may not come from a pretty well known Knoxville family. Let’s just say sometimes I get to drive their Escalade. The last time I drove an Escalade was when my brother (who is now almost 25) borrowed my Uncle’s for his senior prom. So it is nice to get back behind the wheel of one of those fine crafted machines.

My roommate Clay, who works the night shift, and sleeps a lot with his Shih Tzu Charlie always nestled up to him real nice and close, took me to look at Mustangs today with him. He drove, I sat in the tiny backseat while the most awful car salesman since the guy from the movie Matilda, sat shotgun. Side note: I will be absolutely shocked if you get the Matilda reference I just made, End note.

It was red with white racing stripes. Clay climbed in much in the same way I imagine Jeff Gordon climbs into his 24 car on Sundays. I climbed in, much in the same way a very large man squeezes into his daughters high chair on Sundays, and we were off! Clay reached 80 on the 55 mph limit highway. The horrible car salesman’s heart reached 180 bpm on the 55 mph limit highway. I smiled.

I also threw to three hitters tonight in a Club baseball fall league scrimmage. Oh. You’re already bored. Me too.

One day this week or next I am going caving. Want to join? Apparently there is a cave not far from my apartment. Have you ever been in a cave before? My Dad built a Man Cave beside our house last summer. If you have been in there, I will say that counts.

Closing remarks: I have started a quote of the week. I had some help with this week’s quote. Here it is.
“Sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow a habit, and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny.” -George Clooney. Ok not really. Some guy named George Dana Boardman said it. You still think George Clooney said it? Yeah me too.
That quote brought to you by Danielle Schlappi, Ross Hoss, and George Clooney. Or. George Dana. Whatever.

This blog is dedicated to my dear friend Caroline. Who will be leaving for Mexico soon. For a YEAR! She has
a good heart and good taste in fine food.
Also major Congrats to my friend Laura for getting engaged! Can’t believe it. I guess I will when I adorn my tux and show your distant relatives where to sit, fulfilling my duties as wedding Usher and event coordinator.
Laura is under my right arm and Caroline is under my left.

-Ross The Spelunking Hoss.


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