Damian Marley

I went to my first real Reggae show last night. The Natti Love Joys were playing at a bar/music venue within walking distance of my apartment here in Knoxville. Unfortunately I did not have time to change my clothes post tailgating, so I had to wear my Big Orange gear to the show. I wanted to maybe wear something more hip, definitely a little less orange, but I started to execute my confident walk and my fashion worries flew right out of my pocket. I confidently walked right up to the front porch of the bar and entered with my comrade Cameron. There were a few disgruntled UT fans playing poker on a billiards table over in the corner, a guy hollering at the tv, and no signs of an awesome Reggae concert. Then, I spotted the stairs over in the corner. I grabbed Cameron, pointed at the stairs, smiled, and began walking that way.

The music got louder and louder with every step I conquered. The most awesome show of my life was surely awaiting me just six steps away. Step five. Step four. Step three. Step two. Step one. BAM! Reggae!!!!! But wait, there are only three other people here, and none of them have dreads. But REGGAE! But wait, Cameron is now six steps behind me looking extremely hot and tired. But wait, this band is awesome, why is there nobody here?!

Come to find out, there are not that many Reggae fans in Knoxville. I guess after a Vols loss the last activity people want to be a part of is dancing to some crazy music. Unless you are me. Then that is the first activity you want to take part in at the end of a very long day. Oh well.

I plan on attending more Reggae shows in the future. I have been practicing my dance for too long to not try it out on some real cool dudes and girls that know what they are doing at these shows.

Happy Lord’s Day everybody! I posted a good link to a very thought provoking video on my facebook wall. Check it out.

Here is a neat Damian Marley and Nas song. I saw them perform at BonnaroOoOo.

Ross Marley Hoss.


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  1. Donnie


    Here’s some of my favorite Damian songs:

    Me Name Jr Gong, Welcome to Jamrock, Beautiful, Kingston 12.

    I would have gone to the show with ya!!

    Polka forever

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