Ha Ha.

I like to take special mental notes about how my generation varies in accordance with all other generations. I will rarely take the time to put the mental notes in real note form, but I am making an exception for this one, because I think its neat.

My generation is a funny generation. We love to be funny, and we love others who are funny. We would rather lose a limb than miss the latest episode of Tosh.0. We would also lose a limb in order to put the video of us losing the limb on youtube in hopes that it generates a few laughs and a few thousand views. Speaking of youtube, are websites such as youtube why, dare I say it, we are the funniest generation in the history of the world? Here is my line of thinking…

Billy has found himself in a situation. He is at IHop eating his favorite steak omelet with a side of Nutella Crepes. The people in the booth behind him are laughing and carrying on like Will Farrel himself is boothed up with them sharing in the conversation and in the omelet eating. Now Billy can either tune them out and concentrate on the conversation he is having with his girlfriend about how many calories her crepes contain, or Billy can listen to these crazy people’s conversation and maybe become a better person depending on what he hears.

Is Billy’s motivation for listening to these people’s convo one of self betterment? Or is it rather a prime opportunity for some solid Tweeting? I am choosing the ladder. Ever since social media sites and home video sites swept the universe, we are constantly looking for the next opportunity to post a funny tweet, funny video, or funny Facebook status? What does this mean you ask? It means we are hilarious. It means we are opening our minds and our funny bones to situations that before may have sparked absolutely no interest whatsoever.

Here is another situation. Jeffrey is at his apartment wondering what to do with his spare time. He is wondering if he should maybe catch up on some homework, watch more tv, do some sit-ups, or blog. Only one of these options truly has the potential to allow Jeffrey to feel loved and appreciated. If Jeffrey writes a blog, a few dozen people will read it, and later his Mom will awkwardly comment on his Facebook wall about how cute and funny she had found his thoughts. Although it may just be his mom who appreciates the blog, he knows that doing a little homework or watching tv would not provoke any sort of response from anyone.

We want responses! We thrive off entertaining others via the World Wide Web. What does this mean for us? It means are hearts are open and our life loads lightened. It means that we are happier than perhaps the people who have gone on before us and will only continue to get happier. It is a beautiful thing really. So, next time you are Tweeting, Facebooking, or Youtubing, take pride in the fact that you are playing your role in creating the funniest generation of all time. Here’s to you! All of you.

Ross “Jeffrey” Hoss




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2 responses to “Ha Ha.

  1. Donna

    Oh, Ross! I love your new blog!

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