Dum Dum Dilly Dum Dum

I once had a Dum Dum Sucker. Remember how much it enhanced the sucker experience if you pulled the end off with your teeth? Well , as I was waiting on my mom to pick up some barbecue one day, I was trying to enhance my sucker experience just like any fifth grader who wanted an awesome experience would do. I positioned the sucker in the corner of my mouth and then began to pull in hopes that the end would pop of and I cold throw that stick in the floorboard somewhere. BAM! The end came off, but not all of the end. The small remnants left from the dum dum sucker tore across my face at speeds upwards to a million mph. What was left was a cut starting at my lip going almost all the way to my eyeball. I still have the scar. This experience with a dum dum sucker is why I am tough.

Fashion trends.

Ever wondered where fashion trends originated from? I will tell you.

1. The one paint leg pull up fad. Remember when rappers and really anybody who was cool, would roll up one of their pant legs? Surely you remember. Well do you know the origin of this fad? It started on a college campus. A famous rapper, you know him as LL Cool J, was set to play a show at The University of Tn Chattanooga. When he arrived on campus he noticed a lot of bikers. He also noticed that in order so that their jeans wold not get caught up in the bike chain, the bikers would roll up one pant leg. LL thought this was pretty cool. And seeing as how the ladies only love cool James, he had to roll his pant leg up too. The fad grew and grew and swept the entire cool people population.

2. Bell-Bottoms- Notre Dame was set to play Rival Michigan. The Notre Dame students were pre-gaming with their alcohols before the game. One student was filling his flask when he turned to another student and said, “I’d like to take this inside the stadium with me, so I can drink during the game!” That student went on to create a special kind of pants that flared out at the bottom, so that he could hide a flask in the top of his tube sock without making an obvious indention in his pant leg. He then would later disco dance with excitement when his plan was executed successfully.

There will be more to come. This is all true by the way. Do not doubt it for a second.

My friend Cara from land Nashville is starting a blog. She claims it will be all things dramatic and fabulous. Hmmmm

Link: erinandcara.blogspot.com

Sorry WordPress for linking a blogspot blog. Forgive and forget.

I saw a double rainbow today. What did you do cool today?



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  1. Cara

    Thanks for linking our blog RossHOSS! We havent posted anything yet but were working on finding old hideous pictures of our childhood. It really shouldn’t be hard, but apparently our parents hid them so we wouldn’t have to relish in those horrid days.
    Loved the blog! And I hope the bellbottom and LL cool J stories are true!

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