Born Free

Interesting thought for the day…. Or until I blog again.

The idea that I heard today was this: Love and fear are complete opposites. I have heard a lot of ideas, but I have never quite heard this one. Before I could ask the speaker to elaborate, he had moved on to some other mumbo jumbo about the Nixon administration. But! Lucky for you we wont talk about Nixon.

Love and fear are opposites. Let’s analyze!

On one side you have love. Love is an emotion. It is something we feel. Similarly, fear is an emotion, something we feel. Love is what causes people to want to help others. It is what causes kiddos from youth groups to head out to scary Mexico to feed the orphans (or that hot girl who along with love,  is also very persuasive).  It is what causes us to be in relationships with each other. It is love man! Love. It is what God has for us unconditionally, as you might have heard (if not, then email me (, and we can talk about it). Love is the driving force behind a whole bunch of our actions. I eat burritos for lunch instead of pasta, because I love burritos. You get the idea.

Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear is why we do not go to scary Mexico on that mission trip, or why we deny the hot girl who invited us a relationship. Fear is the driving force behind why we don’t do a lot of things. So wait, love is the driving force that causes us to do stuff, and fear is the driving force that prevents us from doing stuff. I believe we have found opposites.

Love does not overcome hate. Love overcomes the fear to love in those who hate. Why do people hate? Because they are scared to love? Because they are scared to take that leap?

If we view love as being the opposite of fear, I think life becomes a lot more manageable. It creates a pathway in which we can bridge hate and love. It creates a starting point in which we can deal with the hate we may have, or the hate that someone else has.

Ole John Boy over there is getting a lot of credit because he is doing awesome things. You however, are getting no credit for your awesome acts. Jealousy and even hate begins to grow inside of you for this person receiving this admiration crap. Are you scared because you think you may never get recognized for your acts? Like this person may go on overshadowing your awesomeness forever? Fear nothing. You will get your credit. Email me and I will give you credit if nothing else. Or you can look to God. Or you can look to your pastor or parents.

“But the one who examines me is the Lord… But wait until the Lord comes who will both bring to light the things hidden in the darkness, and disclose the motives of mens hearts: and then each man’s praise will come to him from God.” -Paul, formerly known as Saul.


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