Rinse, repeat, then rinse again.

I once attended a first grade lecture on dental hygiene. I was in the first grade at the time, so my presence at the lecture was perfectly normal.

I remember this lecture. I remember the local dentist making us all pretend to brush our teeth for two minutes straight, to prove that two minutes was longer than we thought. It was longer than I had thought, a point I remember to this day while brushing my teeth.

He also told us that we brush our teeth the same way every time. I remember thinking that this notion was preposterous (what I really thought probably was, “this is stupid, I mean dumb, I mean I don’t like it”).  However, I will take this point to my grave because it is completely accurate, unless noticed and the process is purposely and consciously thrown off.  We do brush our teeth the same way every time.

Authors note: I have very few actual memories of 1st grade. I remember counting 1 million beans and piling them in the cafeteria floor. I also remember my teacher turning on the OJ Simpson trial, although the tv was turned where we couldn’t see it, we could still hear it. I still remember the day he was said to be innocent. I also think I had a rabbit/bunny named Hopper.

Lately I have been taking special notice of other stuff we do the same way every time (I have not really conducted any studies to prove any of this stuff, so let me know if you agree with, or hate my theories).

1. Dry off the same way. Every time I get out of the shower I dry off the same way. Every time probably since I was born. Once again, I have not conducted studies to see if this is true for everyone (awkward), but I think it is. Right?

2. Eat pizza. Anyone who has seen me eat pizza knows that, for me, it is a subconscious all out race to the last slice. I do not intend for it to be like this. But, we all have our pizza eating habits. For instance, I am a folder. I fold my piece in half so that I can consume the maximum amount possible at one time. The way I eat pizza is the most crazy thing about me. You eat each slice the same way too, you just haven’t realized it yet.

3. Every time I get in my truck I do the same thing. Plop down, keys out, car on, look in my rear views, flip my radio knob to the same volume every time  (to be adjusted later (I use the same force in every flip)), adjust myself, shift down, look around, accelerate.

4. Every time I get on my computer I subconsciously go to Facebook. Often realizing I have no interest in Facebook at that moment, but none the less, it is the first thing I do every time. If I haven’t been on the computer in a while, then the order goes like this every time; Facebook, email, Twitter.

5.  I think the same thing every morning when my alarm clock goes off— “Ughhhh”

This is it for now. Maybe more will come to me. Maybe not.

Ross Hoss


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One response to “Rinse, repeat, then rinse again.

  1. Donna Moffitt

    I always take my left contact out first, then my right and when I put them in I always put the right, then the left. Also, I always go in the the same stall in the restroom at work. If it is occupied I always go in the same one second. Weird, huh?

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