Yo, man.

As I was traveling to Chattanooga from Knoxville my GPS led me off the interstate and onto the backstreets of Tennessee. Little towns and little people littered the streets as I sped past them all, determined to reach my destination (my brother’s house). As I am traveling along some back road in Harrisburg maybe (?) I came across a big ol’ Church kind of stuck in the middle of nowhere. As I glanced at the Church I noticed something peculiar. Instead of a steeple out front, they had this guy (see above). I put on the breaks, did a U turn in the middle of a curvy road, certain nobody else was on the streets but me, and pulled into the parking lot of said Church. I hopped out of my truck and stood in the presence of Jesus. Just like anyone would do, who had just encountered Jesus, I pulled my cellphone out and snapped this picture.

Here are what I find most interesting about this picture:

1. I estimate the age of Jesus in this picture to be 19. Fresh out of high school Jesus is embracing the new college culture he has just found himself in (hence the open arms).

2. Jesus has a great tan. Was Jesus capable of being sun burned?

3. Jesus could have starred in a number of Disney movies and nobody would have found him to be out of place. Aladdin and the Emperors New Groove to name a few.

4. Jesus had great dental hygiene.

5. Jesus had great big pointer fingers, probably so that the Pharisees would have no doubt he was pointing at them.

Authors note: I have a lot of respect for Jesus. I just thought this picture was funny. The larger point I am trying to make is evident. Also, I mean no harm to this Church. It was a big place. I am sure they are doing a lot of good in the world of Harrisburg.

-Ross Hoss


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  1. can you send me the adresse pls? I need to go here! Part of a contest please!

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