Life is like a Cadbury Cream Egg.

I was thinking…………………………….. Ok. Enough!

I graduated high school almost 4 years ago. I stepped into my blue gown and balanced my little blue square hat and was ready to take over the world. The world of college. Ross back then had no idea what would happen to his life. He thought he had an idea though. Here is what I thought the rest of my life was going to be like in college.

1. I would play baseball….. duh.

2. I would have a beard by my junior year…..

3. I would have really good abs…..

4. I would almost be married by my senior year…..

5. I would have a full sized truck. Possibly, even a king size……

6. I would be possibly getting drafted…..

7. I would have changed the world……

8. I would be well on my way to graduating with a business degree……

9. I would have somehow made it on a game show……

10. Whatever…..

None of those things are true (most though, still make it to my new years resolution list). Here is what has happened to me over the past 4 (ish) years that I would have never expected.

1. I ain’t married, or anywhere near it. I am single.

2. I have two jobs at once and boy do they provide a lot of entertainment! Hint: I do not play baseball for a living.

3. I spend my afternoons driving the Footvols’ head coach’s Escalade around. I pick up his kids and often do the heavy lifting that needs to be done around the house. Who could’ve seen that coming? Not 18 year old, wide eyed, Ross. They have three kids.

4. I build dog weaves for dog agility competitions and then ship them out. I average 4 weaves a day and make about 4 dollars a day doing it. For more. Check this out!

5. I am attending my 5th college and going into my 5th year in college.

6. It will probably take me 6 years to graduate.

7. I now own my 7th car. It is actually a truck, and it is not full size.I personally paid for all 7. I am proud of that.

I love my life. Now that is all, goodbye.

-Ross Hoss


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One response to “Life is like a Cadbury Cream Egg.

  1. Donna Moffitt

    That second to last sentence is the most important one. 🙂

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