Purple Plums

What did you want to be when you grew up? What do you want to be when you grow up? I have written proof that in kindergarten I wanted to be a farmer.  It is documented somewhere in my keep sake box.

From 1st grade to age 22 I have gotten distracted from my original intent of becoming a farmer. In these last 17 years I have wanted to be a monster truck driver, a movie star, an astronaut, and a restaurant owner. Now that I am 22, I want to be a farmer again.

I ain’t worth two dimes in the kitchen. Anyone who knows me knows I would rather pay for a burrito than make a burrito. I love burritos. I have a new passion though, and in order to pursue this passion I have to spend time in my kitchen. Its not that I hate kitchens, I love stoves and refrigerators. I just hate spending all sorts of time and effort making one meal when Joe down the road can whip it up for me in no time— no grocery store time needed. However, I have become a jam maker, more specifically a blackberry jam maker. So far I have made one and half jars of blackberry jam and it was delicious.

Have you been to a Farmer’s Market recently? I love Farmer’s Markets come to find out this summer. It was at one of these markets where I bought my first pint of blackberries. Saturday while perusing the isle of mason jars at the local East Town Knoxville Super Wal Mart I ran into a lady named Jenny who was also perusing the mason jar isle. I asked her if she was making jam and it just so happened that she too was about to whip up a batch of blackberry jam in her kitchen. After my friend and I picked her brain as to the complete jam making process I asked her where she got her blackberries. She said a farmer lady brought blackberries by the gallon to her work every Wednesday for purchase and she would place an order for me if I would like. I placed an order. Tomorrow I will acquire a gallon worth of blackberries. I love blackberries. Tomorrow night I will once again enter into a kitchen with the intent to cook and hopefully 9 jars worth of blackberry jam will be the result of my time spent. I will give you my blackberry jam on one condition. You return my jars, preferably washed, because as much as I love refrigerators and stoves I hate washing dishes.

Here is a picture of my first batch of jam. One day when I am a farmer I will grow lots of things and then put them all into mason jars. If you would like some jam please contact me via anyway you know how to contact me. It will cost you ten dollars a jar. Probably not though.

Also, does anyone know how to tell the difference between purple plums on the inside and light colored plums on the inside?

-Ross Hoss



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2 responses to “Purple Plums

  1. So let me get this straight…you actually had a jar AND a half jar and you couldn’t bring any of that to us???

  2. So when can I try these blackberries? We’ve planted blackberries, raspberries and blueberries on our farm. Oh, and a couple of fig trees.

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