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“Home is where your shirts are” (this blog dedicated to Bruce Pearl)

God used Bruce Pearl in my life today.

Tonight I put on my orangest UT hoodie, hopped behind the wheel of my tiny truck (it has a big heart though), and headed downtown to do some volunteering. I was wearing a Vols sweatshirt. I am a UT student. I was volunteering. I was a really big Vol tonight.

Last time I volunteered I handed out shirts, which was cool. This time however, when Laine (my friend and fellow Vol)  and I went to man our post at the t-shirt stand, it seemed as if there were already too many men manning stuff, so we began to stand awkwardly around waiting for someone to need a size 40 pants… because that was the only station open for us.

Earlier I had caught wind that Bruce Pearl was down there as well volunteering. Which is significant for many reasons, the main one being that we can always say we were a part of Bruce Pearls last acts as a Volunteer………..

So it did not take long for me to suggest to Laine that we leave the over sized pants and try to find Bruce. We began to wonder around. We did not find Bruce (apparently he had already left (maybe forever… aw…)), but we did find a man named Sam. Sam was standing behind some Bibles. Looking important behind all those Bibles we asked Sam what we could do to help. Sam sent us out with a pen and paper and told us to write down prayer requests and then bring them back to be typed up and sent out in a mass email. Okay we said, then set out.

We met. We greeted. We talked. It was great. My soul was rejuvenated.

We met Leroy. Leroy had the warmest smile this side of the Mason Dixon Line. A smile that would make your mom want to bake him a thousand casseroles. Leroy liked fishing and had been to the Jacksonville pier (that I speak of in the post previous to this one). What are the odds? IT is also to note, that while in Jacksonville doing some hot tubbin’ one night we met a friendly dude, who I named Leroy, because we never exchanged names. Crazy, I know.

We also met Darryl, who in very descriptive language painted a very vivid picture in our minds of Satan waiting around every corner with an Uzi looking to kill us. He talked a lot about Uzis, and once referenced a shotgun. Uzis should be brought up more in the pulpit. However intense and scary the  illustration was, he made some good points.

Darryl also had a daughter who lived with his girlfriend at the Salvation Army. She shook are hands upon meeting her. She is one and half. It was sweet. I love her. Her name is Dora.

Without Bruce Pearl I would probably still be standing around awkwardly waiting for men who wear big pants to approach me. So thank you Bruce. Not just for tonight, but for all of your time here as a Vol. You are a good dude. Ain’t nobody denying that. I wish you the best of luck out there.


Ross Hoss


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What is wrong and right with this world.

Two different situations have occurred today that I think say a lot about our American society. First situation…

By the cash register we have the terrorist playing cards for sale. We have had them probably since 9/11 and are still trying to sell out our first shipment. Anyways, a man is checking out and he looks at the cards and says this. “The only one they are missing is Obama.”

This man was an obviously pretty well to do older white dude. When he said it I looked at his face and he was not smiling but was very angry. The whole thing just made me really uncomfortable. This guy sporting his denim and blazer felt it necessary to throw out a terrible comment to me, some dude selling flags, on a Sunday afternoon. Pathetic.

Second situation. About two days ago my friend here at flag world loaned a homeless guy five dollars so that him and his wife could get a hotel room for the night. The homeless guy told my friend that he would bring back the money the next time my friend was working to pay him back. This guy could literally use every cent he earns by selling “The Contributor” (a homeless newspaper) to go to help him buy life’s necessities. So my friend is at work here today with me and in walks the homeless man with five one dollar bills in his hand. He hands my friend the money, thanks him, and then leaves. I bet this poor homeless guy was not going around throwing out hateful racial slurs to random people he encountered on the street…. But i bet many would think he would way before the well to do white business guy would. But today at flag world that was not the case.


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