Sweaty Socks

It is my Mom’s birthday day today. Happy birthday MOM!!!!!! Now back to blogging….

Front porch sitting is what I enjoy. Lounging, talking, laughing the day away. As I lounged, talked, and laughed the other day I suddenly felt that pesky drop of sweat roll down my back. “Hello spring,” I said to myself. Sweaty spring and sweaty summer are the seasons we are now in. Here I will chronicle the different kinds of sweat experienced by all humans during these sweaty seasons.

1. Foot sweat- About a month ago I dusted off my sandals, slipped them on and headed out into the world. The air blowing through my toes giving me that extra step I need in order to get up the massive mountains that are all over UT’s campus. There have however, since the weather has warmed, been days where I have felt the need to wear my tennis shoes around campus. Sweaty feet and sweaty socks are a direct result of this. Also, due to the fact that I don’t even really like socks sometimes I will wear my running shoes without socks (you probably do this too). My feet will sweat so much in between walking from economics to my house that I have to guzzle three water bottles in order to continue with my day well hydrated. foot sweat is the third worst kind of sweat there is but number one on my list here.

2. Back sweat- All of us who have ever put on a backpack and headed out in hot weather have experienced this. Anybody ever been to a wedding, baseball game, stroll around the park has also experienced this. The awful, terrible, no good, very bad back sweat. It has the ability to make you, and everyone around you uncomfortable. All confidence can be lost once you realize the wetness on the back of your shirt. Scenario: You walk into class after a long walk from across campus. It is a hot day. Your backpack rubbing against your back causing friction throughout the entire journey. Friction = Hotness. Hotness = Sweat. Sweat = No date Friday night with that girl in front of you. But look closely my friends. She may have back sweat too. Conversation starter? I think so…

3. Workout sweat- Without a doubt the best sweat of all time. You are riding that stationary bike like you are being chased by a stationary lion. You do so many bicep curls you think you wont be able to open that jar of jelly for your lady later that night. The sweat is rolling off your forehead into your eyes providing a nice burn that can only be matched by your the burning of your ab muscles. You just feel good. Not too many feelings better than that I just got one step closer to being good looking feeling. Go. Get your workout on. You wont regret it.

4. The Pits- I have a friend (he will remain anonymous) who struggles like heck with pit sweat. I actually hate the word pit and underarms so I will just say THE sweat. The capitalization being the signal to show what that I mean pit sweat. THE sweat causes stains. THE sweat causes for embarrassing pictures. THE sweat causes for bad smells. THE sweat sucks. It will be nothing for my friend to finish a small task, not requiring much effort at all, then he will have to go change shirts. It is sad really. But did you know that the umm… uh.. er… armpit is the warmest part of the body? Remember this for the next time you fear frostbite on your fingers.

5.The small stuff- You know, when you sweat the small stuff. Well, I encourage you to not sweat the small stuff. The sweat produced from the small stuff never got anything accomplished. The big stuff? Go ahead and sweat that, for it is probably important. The next time you feel the sweat caused by the small stuff beginning to roll down your forearm. Wipe it off and then go on with your day leaving it all in your past.

Also, please go check out my friend Clay’s blog. He is new to the blogging world and could use your support. Thanks


-Ross the sweaty… Hoss.


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  1. schmoffly

    This was definitely one of your more… insightful… blogs

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